Top Healthcare Software Development Companies: Leading the Way in Digital Health Solutions

Swift technological progress shapes our world, especially in healthcare software development.

Patients now benefit from cutting-edge therapies and diagnostic tools, all made possible by the relentless growth of technology. 

As hospitals and healthcare providers strive to digitize their processes, the demand for proficient healthcare software development companies intensifies. This post lists leading healthcare software development companies poised to drive transformative change.

Medical Software Market

top healthcare software development company market overview

The medical software market is experiencing a remarkable surge, primarily fueled by the widespread adoption of electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine platforms, and big data analytics. These innovative software solutions are pivotal in elevating healthcare delivery, patient information management, and remote diagnosis and treatment.

Amidst this remarkable growth, the medical software market faces challenges. Ensuring robust data security and privacy measures is crucial to safeguard sensitive medical information. Additionally, the integration of different software systems remains a key focus, urging healthcare providers to seek solutions that harmonize various tools for enhanced operational efficiency. 

These challenges catalyze innovative healthcare software development companies and stakeholders to diligently pave the way for a more connected and secure healthcare future.

Highlights and Statistics

  • In 2021, the global medical software market reached US$41.2 billion and is projected to grow to US$104.1 billion by 2030, showcasing a strong CAGR of 10.9%.
  • This growth is primarily fueled by the increasing utilization of EHRs and a rising demand for cost-effective and efficient healthcare delivery.
  • Among the various software types, medical practice management software commands a significant market share, accounting for over 20%.
  • In terms of applications, hospitals lead the market with over 30% of the total share.
  • The North American region stands out as the largest player in the medical software market, largely attributed to its high adoption rate of advanced medical software solutions and a substantial patient population, ensuring its dominance during the forecast period.

Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

1. Oracle Cerner

top company for digital health solution cerner

Cerner is a leading global healthcare technology company specializing in EHR systems, revenue cycle management solutions, and other healthcare IT services. Their aim is to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery by offering advanced healthcare software development to healthcare organizations, enabling better patient care coordination and data management.

Cerner’s Millennium EHR system has been widely implemented in various healthcare facilities, including a significant partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to modernize and digitize medical records for millions of veterans. This has improved the efficiency of healthcare delivery and data management for veterans across the United States.

2. Epic Systems

top healthcare software development company epic systems

Epic is renowned for its comprehensive EHR software, known as “Epic EHR.” The company focuses on developing integrated healthcare information systems used by large healthcare organizations, academic medical centers, and health systems. Their software solutions cover various aspects of healthcare operations, including patient records, billing, scheduling, and clinical decision support.

This year, Epic remains Best in KLAS for overall software suite for the 13th year in a row, securing the title of top Overall Physician Practice Vendor. EPIC received praise in 13 other KLAS categories.

3. Veradigm (formerly Allscripts)

top healthcare software development company veradigm

Veradigm is a prominent healthcare software company that provides a wide range of solutions, including EHR systems, population health management tools, and practice management software. Their suite of healthcare software development solutions aims to enhance patient care, optimize clinical workflows, and improve financial performance for healthcare providers of all sizes.

Veradigm consistently garners recognition for its exceptional solutions, contributions to patient satisfaction, and dynamic IT management services. In 2020, Veradigm achieved its 7th consecutive number-one Black Book Ambulatory EHR award for practices with 26-99 physicians. 

4. Athenahealth


Athenahealth is known for its cloud-based EHR system, “athenaClinicals,” designed specifically for ambulatory care settings. The company offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based software solutions, including practice management, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement tools, helping medical practices streamline operations and improve patient interactions.

In the first quarter of 2022 alone, Athenahealth won a total of 15 awards in recognition of its culture, top-performing solutions, customer service, and commitment to diversity.

5. McKesson

top healthcare software development company mckesson

McKesson is a diversified healthcare company that provides a wide range of services, including pharmaceutical distribution, medical supplies, and healthcare software development. They offer EHR systems, revenue cycle management software, and clinical decision support tools, catering to various healthcare settings, including hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics.

McKesson has been a key player in optimizing the healthcare supply chain by leveraging data and statistics. Their efforts help ensure the efficient distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, reducing costs and improving patient care.

6. eClinicalWorks


eClinicalWorks is a healthcare technology company that specializes in providing EHR systems and practice management solutions for ambulatory care settings. Their software suite includes patient engagement tools, telehealth solutions, and population health management capabilities, aiming to improve patient care delivery and practice efficiency.

Two decades have passed since eClinicalWorks’ journey began with the shared goal of enhancing healthcare, and today, they not only persevere but thrive. Their achievements are evident in the numbers: Starting with a team of just five members in the spring of 1999, they have expanded to over 5,100 employees.

What often goes unnoticed is the exceptional feat of a privately owned company like eClinicalWorks enduring and flourishing as they have. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than a quarter of private-sector healthcare organizations established in 1999 have survived to this day.


top company for digital health solution meditech

MEDITECH is one of the earliest pioneers in healthcare software development and EHR systems. They offer a wide range of EHR solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities, including solutions for critical access hospitals, community hospitals, and academic medical centers.

In 2022, KLAS ranked Meditech Expanse first in Acute Care EMR, Home Health EHR, and Patient Accounting & Patient Management.

8. GE Healthcare

top healthcare software development company ge healthcare

GE Healthcare is a global leader in medical technology and offers a diverse portfolio of healthcare solutions, including medical imaging equipment, diagnostics, and healthcare software. Their software solutions encompass EHR systems, clinical decision support tools, and population health management solutions, enhancing patient care and clinical workflows.

GE Healthcare has pioneered advanced medical imaging technology and enhanced diagnostics worldwide. Their innovations in MRI, CT scanners, X-ray systems, and ultrasound machines have revolutionized medical diagnoses, while digitization and data analytics have facilitated personalized treatment approaches.

9. Siemens Healthineers

top company for digital health solution siemens healthineers

Siemens Healthineers is a prominent player in the medical technology industry, specializing in medical imaging, diagnostics, and healthcare software development. Their software offerings include EHR systems, laboratory information systems, and healthcare analytics tools, helping healthcare providers improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

Siemens Healthineers has created high-quality imaging devices that enable healthcare professionals to detect and treat various medical conditions with greater precision. Their contributions have advanced modern medicine and enhanced patient outcomes worldwide. 

Their efforts to integrate imaging data with AI and data analytics have further revolutionized medical diagnostics, leading to more personalized and effective treatment approaches.

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