BI and Data Analytics

Use your data to make smarter business decisions and improve healthcare outcomes.

Do More with Your Healthcare Data

KMS Healthcare helps you build applications with data insight that improves operational efficiency and care delivery. 

Data Monetization

Turn healthcare data into revenue with integrated analytics solutions and visualizations that show ROI, growth opportunities, and new revenue streams.

Tools & Processes

Establish a strong, strategic data management process that includes selecting the right ETL, data storage, and data reporting tools.

Data Analytics

Outpace competitors and deliver the results your customers want with our data-driven implementations.

Data Management

Scalable healthcare data management makes all business functions agile, especially AI and automation transformation.

Data Engineering

Create insights-driven solutions that align with your business goals.

Data Lakes & Warehouses

Optimize storage of structured and unstructured healthcare data. 

Generative AI

Prepare your healthcare data for custom generative AI models and ensure IP protection and security.

KMS Healthcare Provides All Types of Healthcare Data Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

Simplify complex data into understandable insights, uncovering trends through visualizations and data mining for improved decision-making.

Diagnostic Analytics

Use advanced algorithms and machine learning to identify the causes behind data trends, guiding adjustments in operations or patient care.

Prescriptive Analytics

Employ advanced modeling to explore different scenarios and recommend the best strategies for improving health outcomes and efficiency.

Predictive Analytics

Apply statistical models to anticipate future trends and patient needs, allowing for proactive planning and risk mitigation.

Analyze Complex Data for Actionable Insights

Remarkable Results in Healthcare Software Development

Read about the HITRUST-compliant, cloud-based multi-tenant SaaS platform we helped build for Prxcision to facilitate rapid, accurate data analytics for infectious disease clinical decision making.

What Our Customers Say

KMS Healthcare epitomizes excellence in healthcare technology, surpassing all expectations. Their relentless commitment and innovative approach continually elevate our collaboration, enriching our venture with invaluable insights. KMS reaffirms our confidence in our partnership, solidifying their position as our trusted ally.

Co-founder and CEO

The KMS team was great to work with—very friendly, helpful, and smart. They handled issues well, quickly jumping in to take care of any bugs or problems, even after the project was officially complete. Their assistance was invaluable, especially given my limited team, and they consistently impressed me with their expertise, particularly in Azure. I would definitely recommend them for their resourcefulness, intelligence, and strong support.

VP of Data Management and Strategy

Turn Data Into Revenue with Custom Healthcare Analytics Solutions

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