Healthcare APIs and Interoperability

Simplify the process and amplify the efficiency of connecting with EHRs, claims, decisioning, population data, and other critical healthcare platforms.

Does your team have time to create your complex interoperability and integration map? 

It’s not a side hobby, and your team could easily spend months without getting a complete picture of what needs to connect, where, and how. We provide dedicated, skilled teams with comprehensive interface and API services expertise to simplify healthcare data exchange.

EHR & Healthcare Systems Integration

Build new or customize existing EHR connections, integrating EMR systems, payers, HIEs, labs, and more.

Custom API Development & Integrations

Customize your EHR data retrieval to meet your organization's needs. Seamlessly integrate, maintain connections, and share data with healthcare partners for efficient access.

SMART on FHIR Application Development

Create custom EHR-integrated apps based on your needs. Improve digital health journeys with enhanced EHR functionality using SMART on FHIR.

FHIR Compatibility

As cloud becomes the standard, we provide strategic migration planning and execution to FHIR standard solutions for your healthcare business.

HL7 Integration & Configuration Support

We expertly set up HL7 listeners & receivers for bi-directional data exchange, enabling real-time updates to streamline processes. Our team specializes in mapping/transforming data between HL7 versions and formats (such as v2.x, v3) for seamless communication and healthcare data consistency.

Pre-Built API Library

KMS Healthcare has a library of robust, configurable, pre-tested APIs and an HL7 conversion engine to streamline data exchange and integration. We help you configure, test, and implement connected EHR and healthcare systems using realistic test data and easily switch from testing to production.

Make Seamless Data Exchange a Reality

Remarkable Results in Healthcare Interoperability

Multi-EHR Integration with Custom App Development

For an AI-powered, antibiotic clinical decision support [CDS) platform

KMS scope of work:

Established integrations with multiple EHRs to enable extraction of patient data directly from the EHRs' FHIR interfaces and CDS hooks:

  • Developed an application to generate suggestions for potential drug regimens based on built-in calculations
  • Built an extensive database housing CDS data to support the calculation engine
  • Enabled CDS hook alerts to receive notifications of any changes to patient data parameters (e.g., a medication order is created by the clinician in the EHR)

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Payor & Multi-EHR Systems Integration

For a patient engagement platform with 320 providers and 54M patients

KMS scope of work:

Built API connections with Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Nextgen and Unlimited Health EHRs to simplify patient scheduling, expedite intake process, and automate insurance eligibility verification.

  • Seamlessly synced clinical data across multiple EHRs, with FHIR and non-FHIR standards, into a unified datasource
  • Integrated and extracted patient insurance and payment data from 30+ payment systems and an insurance vendor, including BridgePay, ModMed, and VSP
  • Conducted comprehensive integration testing for all payment systems using encrypted devices, real cards, and simulated cards

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Assess Your Organization’s Interoperability Readiness

Not sure where to start? Our team of interoperability experts are available to help establish a winning strategy for data harmony across your systems:

Demand knowledgeable guidance and healthcare technology mastery from any outsourced engineering partner you consider.

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