Healthcare Technology Solutions for Providers

Build custom technology to enhance your day-to-day clinician and patient experiences

Harnessing Technology to Empower Better Patient Care

As healthcare providers, you’re responsible for ensuring patient care experiences result in the best possible health outcomes. And patients, now more than ever, are informed consumers looking for the best healthcare services and prices – expecting more transparency and access.

Is technology helping you center on the patient or getting in the way?

Who We Serve

KMS Healthcare is your partner in ensuring your healthcare technology supports exceptional care and patient experiences. We help empower providers with efficient, secure, patient-centered software solutions. 

Health Systems

We enhance patient management systems, from appointment scheduling to billing, with user-friendly interfaces and robust backend support.


We craft solutions, including telehealth platforms, EHR/EMR integrations, and mobile apps designed with you and your patients in mind.

Healthcare Startups

We're here for the forward-thinkers, developing software solutions that challenge the status quo and improve health outcomes.

How We Can Help

KMS Healthcare provides the engineering teams and industry knowledge for software that improves operations and care quality.

Do More With Your Technology Budget

Build custom solutions to fit your exact needs.

Working with KMS Healthcare means you’re teaming up with experts in healthcare technology. We work with you and your other technology vendors to create custom software to optimize performance and drive innovation in patient care.

Healthcare and Technology Expertise

Our team understands both technology and healthcare, allowing us to develop solutions that are secure, compliant, and genuinely meet the unique challenges of the healthcare sector.

User-Centric Design

We focus on user-friendly design, simplifying workflows for medical providers to ensure that our software enhances, rather than complicates, your day-to-day.

Reliability and Accuracy

Your software will undergo thorough testing for reliability and accuracy, ensuring high performance and dependability.

Seamless Integration

Keeping your operations smooth and efficient through internal communication and external integrations is our priority.

Get the Technology Partner You Need with KMS Healthcare

Get there with a healthcare technology company that has the right combination of technical expertise and healthcare industry experience—start today.