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Our outsourced software development teams deliver elite healthtech expertise and quality

If You Develop or Invest in Healthcare Software, KMS Healthcare Can Help.

Extend your software engineering and testing capabilities with elite healthcare technology engineering teams dedicated to swift, quality development.

Healthcare Software Companies

Choose KMS Healthcare to quickly add high-value software teams that get healthcare software to market ahead of their competitors.


Partner with KMS Healthcare to assess the viability of software platforms before funding decisions and add value to their portfolio companies.

Healthcare Providers And Payers

Collaborate with KMS Healthcare to create technology that makes life better for their patients, members, and staff.

Trusted Healthcare Software Development Teams

Deliver the highest-quality technology products faster with our healthcare software development and testing teams:

Deliver Compliant Healthcare Solutions Quickly

Why KMS Healthcare

Proven Enterprise-Level Healthcare Software Development Experience

KMS Healthcare teams understand and deliver software that innovates and provides value across the entire healthcare enterprise. No one can match our combined engineering, testing, go-to-market, and healthcare experience. 

Quality-Focused Software Services

We are acutely focused on quality and weave automated testing into the healthcare software development life cycle. By testing early and often, you ensure correct builds and rapid optimizations that accelerate speed-to-market.

Scalable All-in-One Services

Our healthcare software development services adapt and scale to meet your dynamic business needs, including resolving technical debt, building AI solutions, and crafting automation strategies.

Industry Best Practices

Our software development services embrace proven architectures, cloud strategies, microservices, containerization, and continuous delivery. We train in-depth on U.S. healthcare IT regulations, prioritize compliance, and are HITRUST certified.

Experts in Interoperability and Healthcare Compliance

We strictly adhere to clients’ standard operating procedures and train our teams
extensively on U.S. healthcare IT compliance regulations:

What Our Customers Say

KMS is different from other offshore service providers. They are a partner. They became part of our team; working closely with us at every step of the way. Not only has KMS been instrumental in helping us define and implement our software testing strategy, they have provided the expertise needed for numerous projects over the past three years.

Director of Engineering & Digital Science

Thanks KMS for all of the support. We extend our appreciation for the efforts to keep us going and for the diligence to make the product more stable and the source better.

Director of Engineering & Digital Science

I knew this team was special, however on the 408th day I had the opportunity to take a step back and go through the app. I was blown away at what this team has accomplished. I never imagined we would develop MedEd Test to be this successful and we owe it all to you.


We made a bet on KMS early in Health market sciences life. KMS eventually became approximately 80% of our R&D organization. Their leadership, commitment, innovation and partnership attitude were critical elements in our growth as a company. I'm confident without KMS, we would not have had a very successful exit with LexisNexis.


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