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Unparalleled QA and Testing Services for Healthcare Innovators

Creating error-free healthcare applications is more critical than ever. Our expert teams specialize in QA (Quality Assurance) and testing, ensuring your software performs flawlessly. By replacing slow manual checks with cutting-edge automation tools, we streamline your development process, weaving in thorough testing at every phase.

Our approach combines the best of automated and exploratory testing, guided by deep healthcare industry knowledge. This means we’re not just finding bugs; we’re anticipating them, based on real-world healthcare workflows.

Trust KMS Healthcare to elevate your application’s quality, speed up your launch, and keep you ahead in the digital health race.

Comprehensive Testing Services Tailored for Healthcare Applications

Our portfolio of testing services is designed to address every aspect of healthcare software testing, from APIs to mobile applications, ensuring your product not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

API Testing Services

Our IT managed services testers evaluate your APIs based on their specifications, performance, error handling, and security. Our testing services use best practices and open-source tools to reduce your delivery cycles.

Test Automation

We can help you to join the pioneering healthcare organizations that have adopted continuous testing and test automation. Continuous testing services reduce your effort, accelerate your test velocity, and shorten the delivery lifecycle.

Mobile Testing Services

Our mobile testing experts keep your IT goals and budget in mind while we develop your testing strategy. For your mobile healthcare application testing, we handpick tools and focus on functional, security, and performance testing—all with a fast turnaround.

Make Quick, Accurate Testing Easier

KMS Healthcare Testing Services Success Stories

See how KMS Healthcare modernized Clario's testing process, implementing automation to accelerate delivery speeds and reduce annual labor costs.

What Our Customers Say

KMS is different from other offshore service providers. They are a partner.  Not only has KMS been instrumental in helping us define and implement our software testing strategy, they have provided the expertise needed for numerous projects over the past three years.

Director of Engineering & Digital Science

KMS took the time to get to know our business and has helped us better deliver an end product to customers. Their expertise in automation has changed the way we test our applications. We can release faster and with a high degree of confidence that our products will perform as expected.

Director of QA

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