Clinical Trial Software
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Build the tools you need to collect and communicate data
that impacts critical patient outcomes.

Transforming Clinical Trials with Expert Development Services

Our specialized development services are specifically designed to support Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) in the life sciences industry, ensuring that every aspect of clinical trial management is digitized, efficient, and error-free.

We help life sciences organizations build technology to support with all types of interventional and observational clinical trials:

Pilot and Feasability Studies

Multi-arm, Multi-stage (MAMS) Trials

Prevention, Screening and Treatment Trials

Cohort, Case Control and
Cross-sectional Studies

Software Solutions for Seamless Clinical Trial Management

Expert Guidance & Strategy

Our experience configuring clinical trials for CROs means we understand the intricacies involved in patient queries, frequency of data collection, and the critical importance of data accuracy and security.

Testing & QA

We enhance clinical trial software through rigorous testing for performance, load capacity, and pressure resiliency. Our zero-defect track record ensures reliability, compliance, and minimized penalty risks.

Software Development & Maintenance

Our solutions, tailored to your unique needs, streamline clinical trials from setup to data collection and transmission. We build and automate software for smooth, accurate, and fast trials.

Technology to Invigorate and Enhance Every Part of Your Clinical Trials

The right software and technology strategies and collaboration make clinical trials work reliably and fast.

Participant Recruitment and Management

Enhance recruitment and streamline forms and workflows for trial participants.

Financial Management

Simplify billing and cost management with smart, efficient payment systems.

Data Management and Integration

Eliminate paper and manage data from patients, clinicians, EMR/EHR, and devices on a single platform.

Study Design and Deployment

Quickly design and deploy compliant studies.

Research Collaboration Management

Facilitate collaborative research across various clinical trials and sites.

Remote Patient Monitoring and ePRO

Support remote patient monitoring and electronic patient-reported outcomes.

Patient Satisfaction Improvement

Facilitate collaborative research across various clinical trials and sites.

Compliance Assurance

Ensure compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, GCP, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Enhanced Clinical Trial Configuration and Digitization

We focus on accuracy and flexibility, making sure your trials run smoothly and meet all regulations.

Maximize Clinical Effectiveness through Advanced Configuration and Technology

  • Dynamic Trial Set-Up: Utilize advanced tools to configure trial parameters including participant enrollment criteria, visit schedules, and protocol adherence checks, tailored to meet the specific challenges of each study.
  • Data Collection Customization: Create and deploy customized data collection modules specifically designed to accurately gather the diverse types of data and their collection frequencies necessary for comprehensive clinical analysis.

Use Data Analytics Technology to Streamline and Improve Your Clinical Trials

  • Simpler Data Integration: Gather and combine data from different sources like mobile apps, wearables, and health records into one easy-to-access place.
  • Enhanced Data Visualization: Use advanced tools to make complex data easy to understand, helping make quicker decisions and better trial results.

Take Human Error Out of Compliance Tasks and Maintain Total Visibility

  • Automated Compliance Tracking: Incorporate automated systems to continuously monitor and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance and penalties.
  • Custom Reporting Tools: Develop and implement custom reporting tools that help generate accurate and comprehensive reports for regulatory submissions and stakeholder updates.

Make Patient Experiences Easy and Trackable

  • Engagement and Compliance Platforms: Develop platforms to keep patients informed and involved, helping them stick to study rules and stay in the study longer.
  • Remote Monitoring Solutions: Use integrated remote monitoring solutions to watch over patients in real time, cutting down on in-person visits, enhancing patient convenience and trial efficiency

How We Deliver Exceptional Results

Our approach combines deep healthcare technology expertise with a commitment to quality and customer collaboration. We enable healthcare technology companies to not just keep pace with the digital transformation of clinical trials but to lead the charge. With our help, you can enhance trial efficiency, ensure data integrity, and improve patient engagement. 

We apply our healthcare technology expertise to create tailored clinical trial software.

Understanding Your Needs

Initial consultations to comprehensively understand your project requirements and the unique challenges you face.

Customized Configuration

Developing software that precisely meets the trial’s parameters, including data collection, patient interaction, and cloud integration.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

Implementing multi-layered testing processes to eliminate defects and ensure the software performs flawlessly.

Continuous Support

Providing ongoing support and updates to ensure the software evolves with your trials and industry standards.


Consistently Successful Clinical Trials with KMS

Remarkable Results in Healthcare Software Development

KMS Healthcare worked with a clinical trial technology company to develop a debit card system that made expense management a breeze for clinical trial managers and participants.

KMS Healthcare supported Greenphire's clinical trial software development, streamlining databases, automating processes, and optimizing data management, resulting in time savings and expanded global accessibility.

Trusted Healthcare Software Development Teams

Deliver the highest-quality technology products faster with our experienced, low-turnover healthcare software development and testing teams:

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