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Your healthcare software development team builds solutions that helps clinicians, payers, and patients interact with and keep the healthcare system running smoothly, so we can all work towards better patient outcomes. 

We can help amplify your mission with expert healthcare technology resources who tap in and drive results fast.

KMS Healthcare developers and engineers know how to build and maintain successful software platforms that shatter healthcare industry market expectations. Rely on our technology team to extend yours for cost-effective and quality solutions.

Trusted Healthcare Software Development Teams

Deliver the highest-quality technology products faster with our experienced, low-turnover healthcare software development and testing teams:

Elevate Every Part of Healthcare Technology Delivery

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Accelerate Your Healthcare Software Development

Mobile Healthcare App Development

Simplify and enhance the health journey for patients and medical professionals with a custom digital patient experience that puts all of their electronic health information and care plans right in their hands

Software Testing Services

Weave quality assurance and automated testing throughout the entire healthcare software development lifecycle. This will accelerate your time to market, reduce costs, and deliver the highest quality products.

Consulting & Assessment Services

Understand your tech stack needs and create plans to amplify your development strengths and fix any vulnerabilities.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Unlock insights, links, and inferences in patient data that improve the patient’s journey and health outcomes with their care team.

AI & Machine Learning for Healthcare

Harness the power of AI to gain competitive advantage and deliver an innovative experience providers and patients have come to expect.

Software Testing Automation

Spend more time focused on developing personalized, custom patient care software products and less time on collecting and analyzing data and test results.

EHR Integration Services

Create a data exchange system that improves care delivery and the patient and healthcare provider experience by simplifying the care journey through seamless data access.

Regulatory Compliance

Strengthen adherence to HIPAA and other guidelines for protecting patient health information. Reduce the risk of data exposure by using the best healthcare security technologies and disciplines.

Healthcare Application Modernization

Work side by side with our team to develop a custom solution and platform that enhances your user interface, updates your technology, and gives your company a competitive edge.

Cloud Migration Services

Create the migration strategy, customized roadmaps, and timelines to achieve your business goals. Plan, execute, and deliver, and manage your new healthcare cloud solution.

Healthcare DevOps

Assess your team structure and healthcare software delivery process to develop a comprehensive DevOps strategy that meets your business goals. Automate processes and build a collaborative DevOps culture.

Healthcare API & Integrations

Efficiently integrate, maintain connections, and share data with vital healthcare partner platforms.

Healthcare Industry Software Companies We've Helped Excel

Our software development services help these leading healthcare technology companies deliver valuable solutions and stay ahead of healthcare industry regulations:

What Our Customers Say

KMS is different from other offshore service providers. They are a partner. They became part of our team; working closely with us at every step of the way. Not only has KMS been instrumental in helping us define and implement our software testing strategy, they have provided the expertise needed for numerous projects over the past three years.

Director of Engineering & Digital Science

Thanks KMS for all of the support. We extend our appreciation for the efforts to keep us going and for the diligence to make the product more stable and the source better.

Director of Engineering & Digital Science

I knew this team was special, however on the 408th day I had the opportunity to take a step back and go through the app. I was blown away at what this team has accomplished. I never imagined we would develop MedEd Test to be this successful and we owe it all to you.


We made a bet on KMS early in Health market sciences life. KMS eventually became approximately 80% of our R&D organization. Their leadership, commitment, innovation and partnership attitude were critical elements in our growth as a company. I'm confident without KMS, we would not have had a very successful exit with LexisNexis.


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