Healthcare Technology Due
Diligence for Investors

Private equity and venture capital investors looking to buy or exit healthcare technology companies trust our team to guide smart decisions and elevate company performance

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We focus our technology assessments on your biggest areas of concern. Our goal is to ensure that you fully understand any potential risks and where to apply your healthcare technology investment dollars for the greatest payback:

Get Timely and Precise Feedback

At KMS Healthcare, we prioritize quality and speed in our assessments to help investors make informed decisions without missing out on critical opportunities.

Get the specialized technical insight you need for clearer investment strategies

With firsthand experience in starting, operating, and even selling technology businesses, we bring a dual perspective that combines investor insights with world-class technical expertise. Our approach is designed to give you a thorough understanding of your investment, ensuring you make decisions with confidence.

Operator and Investor Insight

Having been on both sides of the technology business world, we understand what it takes to succeed. This unique blend of perspectives helps us provide practical, insightful advice that drives value for your investments.

Expert Assessments by Senior Team Members

Get insights from our leading experts, including our executive officers and senior consultants. Benefit from a more consultative approach to due diligence for in-depth insights far beyond what junior analysts can provide.

Comprehensive Post-Assessment Support

We go beyond simply identifying potential issues and opportunities. Our team, including private equity service experts and software development engineers, can provide you with a detailed integration roadmap and the skilled manpower you need to quickly implement any recommendations.

Our Approach to Technology Due Diligence

The KMS Healthcare delivery model follows a proven agile approach, providing scrum teams that will speed time to market, ensure high quality, and spark innovation and creativity. This product development mindset delivers robust solutions that scale.

Our Four-Phase Approach to Custom Healthcare Software Development

01. Initiation
Assess your current state to define healthcare software development goals and success criteria, determine tools and processes, and develop your custom plan for ramp-up and ongoing communication.
02. Ramp-Up
Begin to transfer knowledge and train the teams, implement new software development processes and tools, track operational metrics, and execute the first two sprint cycles.
03. Knowledge Transition
Continue with more sprint cycles, with daily updates and monthly operational reviews. Regularly evaluate and optimize processes, technical solutions, tools, and development environments.
04. Steady State
Move into a steady state, making continued improvements to software development velocity and quality. You stay informed with monthly operational reviews and quarterly executive touchpoints.
And be assured that KMS Healthcare will be there for you after the initial build is complete.
We are a full product life cycle partner and commit to maintaining the software we deliver.

Get the Insights You Need for Informed Investments

Why Investors Rely on Us for HealthTech Due Diligence

Diligence and value-building for healthcare software companies needs the right experience and knowledge. We uniquely understand and know how to evaluate if a healthcare technology company is ready for the market – and the investors we work with regularly recommend KMS Healthcare to their portfolio companies to help them launch faster.

Necessary but Complex Interoperability

For healthcare software to work, it must smoothly share data with EMR and EHR systems. We’re experts in integrating FHIR and SMART on FHIR, and other emerging technologies to make sure software can communicate effectively and securely.

HIPAA and Data Privacy

Keeping patient information safe is paramount. We’re always up-to-date with HIPAA rules and cybersecurity practices to protect sensitive health info. Ensuring data security isn’t just about following the law; it’s about respecting patients and providers, enhancing credibility and value in the market.

Navigating Healthcare Regulations

Healthcare technology is shaped by many laws and standards, from the HITECH Act to the 21st Century Cures Act. We stay informed so we can help develop software that’s not only innovative but also fully compliant.

Empowering Healthcare Through Technology

The future of healthcare is about convenience and connection. We specialize in building apps and technology that put better care right in the palm of your hand—whether through a smartwatch, a phone, or other home devices—and can help both build and assess the viability of these apps.

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