SMART on FHIR App Development

Connect your software to EHR and care plan data using SMART on FHIR apps.

Launch Connected Apps Quickly with SMART on FHIR

SMART (Substitutable Medical Applications and Reusable Technologies) on FHIR allows developers to create apps that work with any health information system. This means more flexible apps for viewing records, monitoring health, scheduling tests, and more, using data from any FHIR-connected system.

KMS Healthcare can help you easily build these apps quickly and efficiently. 

How Healthcare Technology Companies Are Using SMART on FHIR

Here are several areas of healthcare that SMART on FHIR apps can enable:

Care Coordination

Clinical Research

Data Visualization

Disease Management



Patient Engagement & Communication

Population Health

Risk Calculation


Vaccines & Passports

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Power innovative user-facing healthcare apps with SMART on FHIR