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Your sharp healthcare technology development and engineering teams produce at a high level. But healthcare software and technology trends and needs shift all the time. Help your great teams stay consistently elite with expert healthcare IT consulting support and guidance.

KMS Healthcare technology consultants help healthcare software companies and providers:

Create Successful Product Roadmaps​

Assess Quality & Market Readiness​

Establish Testing Strategies & Processes​

Get expert guidance to launch and scale your healthcare software product.

At our core, we’re product development enthusiasts with years of specialized experience partnering with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). We’re committed to not just developing, but co-creating standout software products – and our expertise means we can help turn your ideas into real products through careful planning and excellent execution.

Three-Pillar Approach to Optimizing Your Product Delivery

Roadmap Planning

Our strategic foresight in planning product roadmaps sets us apart. With a history of working on both new platforms and existing enhancements, we have perfected the art of roadmap strategy that aligns closely with your product goals and timelines for execution.

MVP Release Strategy

Our strength lies in launching minimum viable products ready for the market and designed for growth. We use our expertise in platform development to help clients transform their initial ideas into real, competitive products.

Consulting Expertise

We do more than just development; we provide expert consulting to fine-tune your product strategy. With our experience from founding five product companies, we offer insights that not only meet but surpass market expectations.

What Our Customers Say

KMS is different from other offshore service providers. They are a partner. They became part of our team; working closely with us at every step of the way. Not only has KMS been instrumental in helping us define and implement our software testing strategy, they have provided the expertise needed for numerous projects over the past three years.

Director of Engineering & Digital Science

Thanks KMS for all of the support. We extend our appreciation for the efforts to keep us going and for the diligence to make the product more stable and the source better.

Director of Engineering & Digital Science

I knew this team was special, however on the 408th day I had the opportunity to take a step back and go through the app. I was blown away at what this team has accomplished. I never imagined we would develop MedEd Test to be this successful and we owe it all to you.


We made a bet on KMS early in Health market sciences life. KMS eventually became approximately 80% of our R&D organization. Their leadership, commitment, innovation and partnership attitude were critical elements in our growth as a company. I'm confident without KMS, we would not have had a very successful exit with LexisNexis.


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