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Private equity and venture capital investors looking to buy or exit healthcare technology companies trust KMS Healthcare to guide smart decisions and elevate company performance.

Why Investors Partner with KMS Healthcare

Diligence and value-building for healthcare software companies require special experience and knowledge. KMS Healthcare uniquely understands and helps investors assess the considerations for healthcare technology:

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Necessary but complex interoperability

To be market viable, healthcare software must flawlessly consume and exchange data with EMR systems. That means effectively applying FHIR, SMART on FHIR, and other emerging acronyms and promising technologies.

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Health apps and the Internet of Medical Things

Winning healthcare technology companies will be able to let patients and doctors manage superior care on their watches, home devices, and phones.

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Other healthcare technology compliance

The HITECH Act, 21st Century Cures Act, and many other rulings and regulations dictate specific technology guidelines for healthcare. These include complex, fluid directives for interoperability, patient data access, technology adoption, and much more.

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HIPAA and data privacy

Nothing in healthcare software matters more than securing protected health information. The HIPAA Privacy Rule and later guidelines set an exhaustive set of privacy mandates and cybersecurity requirements for healthcare technology companies, including some liability for breaches by their customers and partners.

KMS Healthcare understands all of these needs and nuances of healthcare software compliance and development.

Be assured your investments are smart and secure.

And investors trust KMS Healthcare’s remarkable track record of developing, launching, and successfully exiting our own software companies. Build strong relationships, make winning technology decisions, and invest with confident strategy.

Do Superior Due Diligence

Our healthcare technology due diligence uncovers the true risks and challenges of your investment strategy. We’ll identify your best opportunities so you can make stronger purchasing decisions that increase your rate of return.

Develop Applications that Change the Market

Our senior-level teams have peerless experience deploying top-tier healthcare software products. We help companies automate and turn AI and the cloud into business success. We test early in the development cycle and accelerate delivery with confidence.

Create Exceptional Value and Quality

We’ve built, operated, and sold industry-leading software companies. Our specialized approach to healthcare software development allows us to build powerful products that add value to your portfolio of companies.

Exit Victoriously

We have supported more than $11B in successful company exits, maximizing business value and getting to market fast. KMS executes and develops with a sharply formed sharp strategy to pave the way for the wildly successful exit for your software companies.

Get the Diligence You’re Due
with KMS Healthcare

We work with you to gain clarity on your needs, defining clear healthcare technology business outcomes to set up a successful engagement.

We determine the best solution for your needs and develop a plan of action for healthcare technology design, staffing, and delivery.


Our superstar healthcare software engineers efficiently execute the plan and validate the solution, providing iterative delivery and constant communication.


We advance the business success of the final product, defining metrics, measuring desired results, and making the improvements that matter most for healthcare technology.

Outpace the Market with KMS

KMS Powers Success for Healthcare Technology Investors

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Services We Offer

services we offer

Software Engineering

From new healthcare product development to ongoing software engineering to mobile solutions, we have the expertise to get started and ramp up development right away.

Technology Consulting

Our consultants help you make the best healthcare technology and business decisions and increase product value.

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