IoMT Wearable Technology
for Healthcare

Help create a future where what we wear can save our lives.

IoMT Wearable Technology for Healthcare

Medical wearable devices have become much more sophisticated, connecting people to healthier lives through the IoMT in ways we only dreamed of even five years ago.

KMS Healthcare can help you build and integrate IoMT apps to bring wearable healthcare technology to customers, patients, doctors, and other care providers.

Many Ways Wearables and IoMT Technology Can Keep Us Healthier

These aren’t technologies and devices just for elite athletes. IoMT and wearable technologies are and will enable many capabilities for everyone to live healthier and even save lives:

Monitor blood pressure and share data with doctors

Easily monitor and share glucose readings much more reliably and conveniently

Provide real-time warnings of the onset of strokes or cardiovascular events

Provide honest reporting of health and activity that patients otherwise might fib about or forget

Replace costly home care visits for tests and let patients do it quickly and regularly, and share data immediately

Partner with KMS Healthcare to Power Your IoMT Technology Vision

IoMT wearable healthcare devices collect critical data. Often that data sits in the cloud platforms of multiple manufacturers.

KMS Healthcare IoMT technology development builds solutions to collect data no matter what device a person wears or uses and feed it back to all EMR systems and medical applications. We embrace FHIR and SMART on FHIR technology standards for integration and APIs that communicate, connect, and share data across all devices and systems in a common language.

The healthcare industry continues to sort out the tools and standards for IoMT and wearable healthcare devices. Right now healthcare IT technology companies and providers should look to a trusted partner accomplished in wearable device and integration technologies. 

If your market-moving product idea or development backlog requires incorporating data from wearable devices, KMS Healthcare is that technology partner. We look at your bright IoMT technology vision (or just a concept needing direction) and work with you to make it happen for fast market success and a healthier, more engaged patient population. 

KMS Healthcafe is your partner for superior IoMT wearable device strategy, technology, guidance, integration, and fast product innovation.

Make Your Product Breakthrough with KMS

Fueling the FHIR for IoMT

The promise of IoMT and wearable devices for healthcare depends on having all the gear and data systems talk to each other and share information. KMS Healthcare makes it happen with advanced interoperability solutions and skills:

How Wearable Device Technology Improves Care for Specific Ailments​

Consider a patient with diabetes. Historically, the patient would get glucose and A1C levels measured every 90 days or so during doctor visits. Fluctuations caused by recent behavior (such as eating ice cream) could create a false understanding of their overall health condition and habits.

With the IoMT and wearable healthcare device technology, diabetes patients can easily share their daily glucose levels with their doctors, providing a complete and accurate picture. Doctors can then better recommend changes to diet, habits, exercise, and treatments.

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