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Connect healthcare users with their EHR data with SMART on FHIR apps.

Using SMART on FHIR for Application Development

New healthcare technology standards and mandates come fast and often. The HL7 organization first delivered the HL7 healthcare data exchange standard, followed by HL7 v.2 and v.3. Then came FHIR, the newer, better, simpler way to implement and enable healthcare data sharing and interoperability.

Now, SMART on FHIR, which is built on FHIR but is not the same as FHIR and actually extends FHIR technology capabilities and use cases for health apps. Crystal clear, right?

KMS Healthcare will help you sort it all out and build your valuable SMART on FHIR solutions fast.

Build Boundless Applications for Healthcare​

Here are just several areas of healthcare that SMART on FHIR apps can connect enable:

Care Coordination

Clinical Research

Data Visualization

Disease Management



Patient Engagement & Communication

Population Health

Risk Calculation


Vaccine & Passports

Power Your Apps Using SMART on FHIR with KMS

SMART on FHIR: How it Works

Consolidated EHR Data

SMART on FHIR combines SMART open-source tools with the FHIR API. SMART on FHIR apps let providers, payers, and patients view patient records, monitor cardiovascular health, schedule services, and much more. They can pull in all the data they need any from almost any EHR system, whether its Epic, Cerner, AllScripts, Athena Health, or another vendor.

Structure & Formatting

FHIR defines the structure and format for EHR data. SMART defines how third-party apps will work with EHRs, which specific users are connected, and what patient data they are retrieving. It also publishes protocols for client authentication and authorization to connect to FHIR servers.

Thinking Towards the Future

As with FHIR, the 21st Century Cures Act and Centers for Medicare Services rules mandate SMART certification. So SMART on FHIR app development will be a big, lasting part of healthcare’s technology future.

Expand SMART on FHIR Development Capabilities Faster with Less Money

SMART on FHIR app development presents tremendous potential for providers and payers to deliver valuable health data and services for themselves and patients.

But how do healthcare IT technology companies ramp up engineering teams with skilled SMART on FHIR app developers and testers?

Barriers to SMART on FHIR Development​

  • SMART on FHIR developers are scarce.
  • Building a team can take months or years
  • High-demand developers come at a high price

Deploy a Senior Team for ~30% of the Cost

KMS Healthcare will work with your technology architects and team members to plan, design, and build SMART on FHIR solutions that improve patient access, care coordination, and communications. Let us fill in IT resource gaps fast.

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Applications built using the SMART on FHIR framework work right out of the box with other SMART apps, EHRs, and other health data systems. Patients, doctors, and administrators won’t have to download multiple apps to get access to various data, information, and services.

Expanded Application Value

SMART on FHIR immediately broadens the value of your healthcare applications for providers, payers, and patients. Quickly build new applications and extend health interaction capabilities. And SMART on FHIR solutions grow in value as more connected apps reach the market.

We partner with healthcare technology companies to build SMART on FHIR apps that improve care access and coordination in a matter of months where it would have taken years otherwise.

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