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Discover breakthrough medications, devices, and treatments and get them to market fast.

Life sciences researchers make the world healthier through curiosity, diligence, and innovation.

But complex processes and heavy regulations can make it arduous to get brilliant ideas in the hands of doctors and patients. More than ever, life sciences technology and software accelerate innovation at much lower costs. Uncover and test breakthroughs in biochemistry, new and better drugs, diagnostics, medical devices, immunology, risk factors, clinical treatments, and more.

Exceptional Testing and QA for Life Sciences

Life sciences technology and software solutions demand rigorous QA and testing to ensure performance and capacity.

You specifically want to focus on three types of testing:

Performance Testing

Understand how your platform performs under typical conditions

Load Testing

Understand how much traffic your platform can handle

Stress Testing

See how your platform performs under extreme loads

This testing trifecta will find and eliminate failure points and accurately predict how many servers you need to handle increased traffic. As your QA partner, KMS Healthcare will automate processes to identify performance and testing bottlenecks to keep delivery moving.

​​Think Bigger and Cure Faster with Expert Software Solutions for Life Sciences

Our master healthcare consultants and technologists deliver software and IT capabilities that build momentum, accuracy, and quality for life sciences:

Fast Track Clinical Trials While Ensuring Accuracy and Security

KMS Healthcare knows life sciences clinical trials inside and out. Team with our technology wizards and healthcare and life sciences experts to:

Learn more about the KMS Healthcare Clinical Trial solution here.

Advance your Research & Development with KMS

Rigorously Protect Health Data and Maintain Compliance

To keep patient health information absolutely secure, we recommend:

A VPN site-to-site set up to create a secure encrypted data channel

Multi-layer security network that includes firewall, delimiter zone, virtual LAN, and more ​

Physical data center security​

Elaborate authentication password policies

Working with an ISO 9000 certified provider​

Integrate Fast with FHIR for Life Sciences

The FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) and SMART on FHIR standards have already opened EHR data sharing and put health records at patients’ fingertips with new apps. Apple has adopted FHIR technology for data integration in its health apps, further advancing FHIR’s acceptance as the healthcare interoperability standard.

Life sciences organizations and technology vendors can integrate FHIR into research databases to collect and verify clinical study data, automate research workflows, accelerate analysis, and guide better clinical decisions. FHIR can also make clinical trials more patient-focused and data more insightful.

KMS Healthcare can help you develop winning FHIR and SMART on FHIR technology strategies for life sciences.

KMS Connect

We can also plug in most of your FHIR capabilities immediately with KMS Connect. This FHIR framework accelerator uses FHIR APIs and RESTful web services to provide out-of-the-box connectivity and develop additional API connectors as needed.

Our integration and interface technology teams are ready to prepare your APIs for secure and compliant electronic health information exchange, reducing costs and speeding up development.

Enhanced Life Sciences Analytics & Reporting

Life sciences companies must access records and information quickly to ensure timely care or drug and vaccine trials.

What can you do? Use technology that grows as fast as you innovate. For example, cloud microservices store and work with big data with ease.

Consider one of our life sciences technology partners that needed to provide clients with better data reporting. We worked with their in-house architects to launch a new microservices technology that used a NoSQL database and Elasticsearch to accelerate data changes. This moved them from a weekly static snapshot of data to a system that shows data changes in near real-time.

Voice of a KMS Healthcare Life Sciences Partner

With previous technology vendors, it’s just been a numbers activity instead of a real understanding of our purpose. My business starts with why we do what we do. Other vendors are just bodies in chairs. Not KMS.

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Embrace Digital Transformation in Life Sciences to Advance Research, Testing, Integration, and Delivery

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