Webinar Q&A and Recap: Driving Outsourcing Success in HealthTech

Leaders in health technology are struggling to ensure their businesses can navigate workforce shortages, economic downturns, and other global uncertainties successfully.

In our latest webinar on Driving Outsourcing Success in HealthTech: Strategies, Tactics, and Case Studies, our experts share their journey in leveraging outsourcing teams as their go-to strategy for success. 


You’ll discover:

  • Why outsourcing shields your healthtech business from market changes
  • Easy approaches to evaluate an outsourcing partner’s reliability
  • Common mistakes to avoid when working with global teams
  • Real-life applications for successful development, including different delivery strategies

Check out the webinar below and learn the right way to engineer remote patient monitoring (RPM) software solutions, see phenomenal RPM results, and find out what’s next for RPM:

Meet the Speakers:

Bill Stevens - Outsourcing Success Webinar Speaker
Nam Vu - Outsourcing Success Webinar Speaker
Chinh Tran - Outsourcing Success Webinar Speaker

Delve Deeper with Our Q&A Session:

1. Data security is our top concern as we’re dealing with a lot of patient data. How much access do I need to give my outsourcing partner?

Bill Stevens:

The answer is going to depend. The basic rule that you would have to follow is achieving HIPAA compliance, which applies the standard of giving a minimum amount of access.

However, the level of access required would depend on your outsourcing partner’s role. You will have to define whether they deliver pure development, like pre-production or pre-commercial release, or they will handle the post-production, like support and maintenance. 

Just keep in mind that you should choose a partner who clearly understands how to address HIPAA security needs and regulations to ensure compliance throughout the development process. This is an area that KMS has addressed in all different forms, and if you have specific questions about that, please contact us for a more customized consultation. 

2. We’re in the market but now we need to add new features fast (next two weeks). How can we make this happen faster? 

Nam Vu:

I think outsourcing could be the golden ticket for you in this case. An outsourcing partner can get the team ready in no time and dive into the development almost right away. Then, they can gracefully exit once the job is done. This approach will surely help you beat the clock and your competitors without the hustle of hiring and managing a new team.

But choosing the right outsourcing partner is the key, though. Follow the tips that I shared above and opt for a team that’s not only skilled but also can understand your vision. The team that understands your vision and can hit the ground running quickly will definitely bring you a step closer to success. For example, at KMS Healthcare, for popular program languages like Java or.net, we can ramp up the team in 1 to 2 days.

Also, remember that for short projects like this, make sure your partner has an efficient onboarding process and a dependable communication and collaboration model. Remember to keep an eye on the quality of the work, ensure that all the deadlines are met consistently, and watch for the budget as well. 

A reliable partner will accelerate feature launches while also prioritizing the product’s future and customer satisfaction to ensure that they will come back to you for more.

Bill Stevens:

I just want to add one more thing. The basis for a successful partnership is also based on realistic expectations. 2 weeks is, you know.

We wanted to make sure that we could sit down with that partner or that customer, to make sure that we get all the requirements. That is one of the things that would set KMS apart, as we address all concerns and expectations upfront to make sure that we can successfully meet our partner’s needs. 

3. Besides development, you guys shared a lot about product design and consultation in your success stories. Do outsourcing partners typically provide tech consultation services as part of their offerings? And what level of consultation can we expect from an outsourcing partner? 

Bill Stevens:

An outsourcing partner shouldn’t be a typical “body shop”, where a customer would come and say, we need a Java developer for 3 months. That’s not how we typically work. It doesn’t mean we can’t if we have a relationship and it makes sense.

But we really take that concept of a product mindset that Nam talked about to heart. We not only going to build what the customer asked us to build, but we also consider how to develop a successful, scalable product that will stand the test of time.

The customers we work best with value the insight of our engineers and product technologists. We encourage them to speak up when they have ideas or when they see any room for improvement in our process. We take that very much to heart. Not only did we deliver exactly what a development story says, but we also think about how that story plays into the overall success of the project we’re working on. 

My experience shows that not all tech outsourcing firms deliver the same. Not every customer is looking for this, either. But in KMS’s case, we think that is a differentiator for us: that we become a part of your product team, a part of your development team, so that we can help each of our customers be more successful through our engagement.

Nam Vu:

We’ve experienced many ways in which our customers come to us with an idea of how they want their product to be. Then, our engineering team, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and technical architects sit with them to figure out the technical requirements and work together to build the product. We go with them from the very beginning until we push it out for the end user to use, just like the first case study that we shared today.

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