Top 6 Benefits of Healthcare AI & Machine Learning Consulting

Don’t Go It Alone—An Expert Healthcare AI Technology Consultant Will Ease Your Mind and Delight Your Provider Customers

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare continue to explode with promise.

  • Artificial intelligence technology can understand and interpret incoming information at a scale and speed beyond that of the human brain. 
  • Machine learning lets devices learn from experience to do continuously smarter and more productive things without human programming. 

These technologies help doctors make better treatment decisions, faster. They improve revenue cycle speed and accuracy. They can make every aspect of the care journey safer, smarter, more equitable, and more effective.

But AI and machine learning technology in healthcare seem to expand faster than we can keep up. As your customers look to you for leadership in applying healthcare AI, can you scale up knowledge and resources to stay a step ahead?

Benefits of ML & AI Healthcare Technology Consulting

Don’t go it alone. An expert AI and ML healthcare technology consultant can deliver six big benefits to help your organization plan and execute successful AI development.

Identify the Best AI Technologies to Bring to Market

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Even major player IBM has seen its investments in healthcare AI fall short of expectations, leading to the selloff of its Watson Health assets for about $1 billion. (A billion dollars isn’t nothing, but it’s an extremely disappointing return for IBM.)

The lesson: There are many projects and AI solutions you could bring to market. A smart AI technology consultant will help you choose the right ones.

An intelligent consultant helps you understand and identify the AI technologies your market demands the most and that promise your greatest returns and growth. An independent voice can keep your decision-making grounded and focused, avoiding the pursuit of “cool” AI technologies that don’t fit your market. 

Sometimes the right solution isn’t even AI. Simpler, less expensive options sometimes deliver the desired outcomes. A consulting partner makes sure you find this out before you make significant investments AI or machine learning.

Create a Confident, Winning Healthcare AI/ML Roadmap

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The wide-open promise of artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare organizations inspires lofty expectations. Experienced healthcare technology consultants who have implemented AI can help your team dodge common pitfalls and limitations:

  • Understand and Avoid Healthcare AI Bias: Bad data, faulty algorithms, and poor data analysis methodologies can introduce unintentional AI bias. This causes particular problems for healthcare, as biased AI design can perpetuate inequities in care for different populations.
  • Identity Healthcare Tasks Best Suited to AI: An experienced healthcare consultant understands the AI and machine learning algorithms and where they have the greatest healthcare impact, whether it’s analyzing seas of population health data or automating and continuously improving repeatable claims processing tasks. 
  • Assess Risk: Healthcare AI projects promise high rewards, but not without risks. For example, Tech Republic reports that about 85% of AI projects fail. An experienced healthcare AI consulting company will assess the risks to craft a successful development and deployment roadmap.

Get Your Medical Data Ready and Right for AI

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AI and machine learning technologies need good data to succeed. In healthcare that data resides in huge volumes and different types and formats across multiple systems. AI and ML pros are also big data pros, ready to help collect and prepare data the right way for AI modeling and training. 

A strong healthcare artificial intelligence / machine learning consulting service will help you:

  • Combine and normalize data 
  • Clean raw data
  • Mine new data
  • Create synthetic patient data with millions of highly accurate records—crucial for blending historical health data with live data for custom machine learning

Apply Effective Testing Discipline for Healthcare ML Models

Healthcare AI technology teams must precisely test and iterate machine learning models until the algorithm learns what insights are useful and accurate.

AI and machine learning engineers train their models by setting parameters and feeding the algorithm with data, including:

  • Unit tests to check model correctness 
  • Regression tests to see if your model breaks and if you have fixed previous bugs
  • Integration tests to align components so they work with each other in your machine learning pipeline

A quality healthcare artificial intelligence consulting company will help:

  • Create logical test suites
  • Select the proper test solutions
  • Configure automation tools
  • Trigger and run tests

This consulting support helps software vendors spend more time developing valuable healthcare AI software and less time collecting and analyzing data and test results.

Add an Expert AI/ML Technology Team Today Without the Hiring Hassles

Your exceptional software engineering and product teams are still always stretched thin. And scarce, elite healthcare technology developers don’t just hang around on every corner. 

Finding, recruiting, onboarding, and training AI and ML data scientists and engineers takes time and costs a lot of money. An exclusively skilled healthcare AI technology consultant bolsters your team overnight without the hiring and firing headaches. Fill resource gaps, support your AI platforms, and extend your AI and ML software development wins immediately.

Dazzle Your Healthcare Provider Customers with AI and ML Smarts, Strategy, and Value 

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Astound your provider customers with AI and ML technologies and strategies that make them heroes in patient care outcomes, health equity, regulatory performance, digital health services, health data analytics, and much more:

  • Automation & Quality Assurance
  • Healthcare Application Modernization
  • Cloud Technology
  • Technical Assessments
  • Mobile Technology
  • Healthcare Software & Technology Due Diligence

Let KMS Healthcare’s AI and ML Experts Help Your Team Be Heroes

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Healthcare AI is complex. Some things work wonderfully, and some don’t quite fulfill their promise. Your customers count on you to steer them to healthcare AI success and away from risk and failure. And you can count on us to help you deliver on your technology promise to your customers. 

Click here to find out more about how KMS Healthcare can help you be a superstar in AI and ML healthcare technology development in your organization

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